Leadership Training Program reviews

This audio recording—which runs slightly over two minutes—includes remarks by participants in the Fall 2009 leadership training program that Barbara conducted with the National Network of Forest Practitioners.

Working session at the Fall 2010 Creative Leadership Training program conducted by Barbara Wyckoff for the National Network of Forest Practitioners.

Other responses to the Leadership Training Program

“I’m now comfortable in who I am, and what I can and can’t bring to the table. I’m comfortable asking for help and asserting myself when I need to. One of my colleagues noticed that during the year I was doing the leadership training I became happier. I also think that people that I supervise have noticed a difference in my leadership. They seem happier with our interactions and with me.”

—Margo Dawley, American Forests

“I signed up for this program with the intention of developing leadership skills for the workplace so that I could excel in my new job. Not only did I develop leadership skills for the workplace, but I also developed leadership skills for my whole person. Words like authentic, values, purpose, and leadership took on new meaning, and, at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, I discovered who I am. This training has helped me develop a sense of authenticity and composure that allows me to act with more confidence and awareness in the workplace and everywhere.”

—Génie Montblanc, University of Nevada, Reno


  • “As a result of the leadership training program, I am thinking much more deliberately about my strengths, purpose, and the aspects of my work that make me feel energized, as opposed to drained. I am realizing I can change course a bit to build on my strengths, while still fulfilling my group's (and my own) mission.”

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