Marylin McKeown

Marylin McKeownMarylin McKeown has been consulting for over 18 years with public, private and non-profit sector clients to improve business performance, and organizational and community outcomes.  In addition, Marylin has 7 years of experience and an MA in Human Resource Management, and hands-on business experience, as a board member in her family’s multi-generational resort and managing her own real estate investment business.

Since 2002, Marylin has specialized in outcomes-based planning and evaluation, providing management consulting services and technical assistant to community-based non-profits.  In addition to numerous business and strategic planning engagements, she served as a Success Measures® coach, helping clients to develop organizational, client and community impact measurement systems.

Prior to 2002, Marylin focused on change management and organization development, working successfully in a wide range of consulting environments, including corporate high-tech, government, and her own small business. She has over 12 years of experience managing staff, teams and projects up to $500k. Commercial clients include Xerox, Thomson, UPI, and Lexis-Nexis.  Government and non-profit clients include DHHS, DFAS, The Wilderness Society, NAM, Cacapon Lost Rivers Land Trust, and more than 25 community development organizations in the NeighborWorks America network.

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Danyelle O’Hara

Danyelle O'HaraSince 1990, Danyelle O’Hara has worked with a range of organizations in the United States and abroad to build capacity in issues related to community organizing, community economic development, and natural resources management. In particular, Danyelle seeks to help strengthen organizational infrastructure that supports communities in developing visions for their aspirations and practical plans for achieving those visions in the most inclusive ways possible.

Danyelle has a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a Master’s in international development education, and extensive experience in program development, management, and evaluation. Some examples of Danyelle’s work include: assistance to grassroots, statewide, and regional organizations with program planning, design, and self-monitoring; training in community engagement and community organizing; facilitating learning and evaluation of multi-site community change initiatives; research on sustainable economic program possibilities.

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Emilio Williams

Emilio WilliamsEmilio N. Williams has more than 25 years of experience in training, group facilitation and human resource development. Over the past ten years Emilio has served as the President of The Koi Group, based in Maryland, a select group of training professionals specializing in cultural change initiatives and building multicultural collaborations, staff and organizational development, group/meeting facilitation, and team building.

Additional training areas include but are not limited to: communications skills, conflict resolution/management, customer service (internal and external) experiential learning (learning styles, multiple intelligence, personality and interaction), goal setting, group facilitation, leadership, recruitment and retention, resiliency, team building, training of facilitators/trainers, stress management, sustainability, substance abuse prevention and intervention, youth development, wellness and others.

Emilio is a high-energy and inspirational person interested in intentionality and the overall impact made on creating vital spaces, opportunities for dialogue and creativity. He is also committed to expanding learning opportunities for diverse learning styles through the use of digital audio and video. Key motivation is derived from working with clients who ‘really’ want to make a difference-those who allocate the resources necessary to create and sustain their projects.

Emilio holds a Masters of Human Services Degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He previously served on the Board of NAAEE, Adopt-A-Watershed, Steering Committee of the Defenders of Wildlife, and US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program, and currently serves on the board for the African American Music Association.

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  • “The first step is to provide a vital space where there is mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual freedom of expression.”

    Emilio Williams,
    The Koi Group