Barbara WyckoffDYNAMICA is the organizational development consultancy of Barbara Wyckoff. During her 30-year career, Barbara has worked both in the United States and internationally on environmental, community, and economic development issues, collaborating with scientists, indigenous peoples, community groups, businesses, international organizations, government agencies, and donors. She has always sought to build the capacity of local people and organizations, leaving behind tools, skills, and mechanisms for people to manage their own futures. She has a Masters degree in Anthropology and extensive training in leadership and coaching.

Barbara’s experience and knowledge shape her work in organizational development, meeting facilitation, executive and leadership development, and coaching:

  • Her background in providing technical assistance, training, and grants management helps you get to the root of what is happening in your organization, develop collaborative solutions, turn organizational change into an opportunity for growth, and establish strategic and productive relationships with donors and other entities.
  • Her work with diverse individuals and organizations helps her instill an attitude of trust, openness, discovery, and collaboration, creating “safe space” for people to engage in creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Her experience facilitating strategic planning and other meetings helps you see clearly where to go, develop new strategies, and prioritize the steps to get there.
  • Her training in coaching and mentoring makes her an astute listener and valuable sounding board. She always trusts your creativity and resourcefulness, deepening your self-awareness and confidence and producing lasting change in your organization — or your life.
  • Her collaborative approach and extensive network of colleagues enables her to maximize the range of experience and expertise available to each client. Believing in the value of having multiple minds at the table while holding costs down, she pulls together teams of associates as individual assignments require.

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  • “Barbara took a diverse group of people who barely knew each other and turned us into a cohesive planning group with a single goal and the determination to accomplish that goal.”

    Richard C. Smith, Executive Director, Eastern West Virginia Community Action Agency, Inc.

  • Photo © Jane Braxton Little